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IV infusion

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Immunity Booster

A Splash of B vitamins

A Splash of Vitamin C Crush

Hangover Splash of Hydration

Performance and Recovery IV hydration

Fat burner IV treatment

Myers Cocktail

Triple Splash of Hydration

Beauty/Youth Hydration

List of Infusion services provided based on Availability and Appointment

IV Infusions: Enjoy a Splash of Rejuvenation with our IV infusions

Basic IV hydration-$229

 IV drip designed for basic hydration (0.9% Normal saline or Lactated ringers). Infusion of fluids may help to replenish and alleviate symptoms of dehydration.

Contains: 1000 ml fluids with electrolytes.

Immunity Booster- $289

This immunity hydration cocktail may boost your immune system, and it may help shorten the duration of a cold/viral illness.

Contains: Fluids, Pyridoxine (B6), Vitamin C, Zinc 

Zinc block viral replication, aids in the strengthening the immune system, and more.

B6 plays a key role in the immune system. 

It may be given:  2 times per month, and in some situations, during peak cold/flu season, and before and after travel. 

A Splash of B vitamins-$239

​This infusion is loaded with B Vitamins that may help to improve overall health.

Contains: 1000 milliliters (ml) of fluids with electrolytes, Vitamin B Complex, B12

A Splash of Vitamin C Crush​-$239

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that may help to restore and rejuvenate.

Contains: 1000 ml fluids with electrolytes, Vitamin C

Hangover Splash of Hydration-$289

​It may help to alleviate undesirable effects of alcohol. It may also help with migraines. 

Contains: Fluids, Vitamin B complex, B12, Zofran and Magnesium.

​Recommended: Based on individual needs. 

Performance and Recovery IV hydration-$329

This IV hydration blend may help to boost energy, support recovery, reduce pain, and inflammation. It may aid in rapid muscle growth and post-workout recovery. It may also be given before or after a sport event/competition (such as a marathon).

Contains: Fluids, Vitamin B Complex, B12, Magnesium and Tri- Amino's. 

Fat burner IV treatment: $249

 This blend of amino acids and glutathione may aid increasing the activity of insulin, aid in the breakdown of fats, and may help with weight management.

Myers Cocktail-$269

Includes a classic combination of IV fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants that may help improve a wide range of conditions.

INGREDIENTS: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, calcium gluconate

Calcium gluconate aids in the absorption of B vitamins as well as the uptake and binding of amino acids. 

Triple Splash of Hydration- $289 ​

Elevate mind, body and soul with an immediate energy boost and max hydration.

​Contains: 1000 ml fluids with electrolytes, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C

Beauty/Youth Hydration- $349

A blend of essential nutrients, vitamin c, and biotin that may help to reduce the visible signs of aging. 

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